Claw Money High Fashion Pieces with a Street Cred

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The iconic paw print that peppered the walls of New York City three decades ago is now in a fresh and luxurious clothing line for women.

Claw Money is a lifestyle brand created by graffiti artist turned fashion designer Claudia Gold, a.k.a. Claw Money.

The Claw Money collection features tees, tops, dresses, eyewear and accessories worn by some of the most stylish celebs such as MIA, Santigold, Nicki Minaj and Rihanna.

From the streets to boutiques

Claudia Gold became famous in the 80s and 90s as Claw Money, whose signature fat kitty paw with three claws bombed the walls and trains of New York City together with male graffiti crews. Claw became her nickname due to her spunky and steadfast personality.

Long before getting into spray cans, Gold had a passion for fashion design. After three decades of ruling the streets, she decided to go back to her first love and began styling clothes in 1997.

Unlike most graff artists who design clothing lines based on their street art, Claw Money does not consider her collection ‘graffiti clothing’. Claw Money actually symbolizes a lot of things – graff, New York City, women, pet lovers, and more – delivered in a fun and boisterous aesthetic.

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Although Claw Money caters to a predominantly female fan base, its tees are also well-loved by boys and men. Claw Money tees, tanks, long sleeved tops, and cardigans are now easily accessible through and karmaloop promo codes.

Claw Money appeals to women of all ages, with graphic designs that are influenced by childhood icons such as Peter Max, the Smurfs, Strawberry Shortcake, Bugs Bunny, comic books, Hello Kitty, video games, and pop culture in general.

The first Claw Money shirts for women that came out in 2002 were an instant hit. Stores couldn’t keep them in stock and soon after male audiences were asking for their own line.

In addition to making graphic tees and sweatshirts, Claw Money has expanded her eponymous clothing line to eyewear, bags, jewelry and accessories.

Claw Money has also collaborated with several brands including Mark Ecko and Hasbro. She has created Claw Money lingerie and sleepwear for Calvin Klein, Claw Money snowboards for K2 Mix, and limited edition Claw Money sneakers for Vans and Nike.

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