Zero Gravity

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Brand History

Zero Gravity is a Los Angeles consumer electronic case brand established in 2010 by a collective of artists who want to deliver vintage-inspired products to complement very high-tech gadgets of the present. The brand specializes in Apple product cases and laptop sleeves embellished with vintage-inspired graphics. Most of us can’t possibly imagine life without our beloved gadgets and Zero Gravity makes sure all the essential tools we can’t live without are given the right level of protection they need. Integrating modern designs with a generous helping of retro charm, Zero Gravity mobile phone cases comes in winning designs that will suit most style. Zero Gravity products are available in selected stores including online at!

A Vintage Flair For Your Tech Tools

These days, dressing up our mobile devices speak volumes of our personal style! And when it comes to stylish consumer electronic cases, no other brands do it better than Zero Gravity. With fun designs and dependable protection, Zero Gravity makes stylish electronic consumer products ranging from iPad covers to quirky sunglasses, and other accessories. Featuring fun, stylish designs full of personality, Zero Gravity makes products that remind us not to take life too seriously.

Zero Gravity iPhone cases are crafted from a special type of plastic that lends reliable protection while the laptop sleeves are made from quality neoprene fused together to protect mobile devices against accidental scratches and minor drops.

Zero Gravity Fall 2013 Collection

With the new slew of mobile phone models popping all over Silicon Valley, Zero Gravity can’t be far behind. This season, Zero Gravity drops down its latest iPhone 5s candy shell cases in cool new designs including the Unicorn case series, Apocalypse series, Wild Side series and its bestselling Mirror cases now in awesome new flavors!

Zero Gravity iPhone cases at

Make your iPhone a tool to express your unique style. Order Zero Gravity mobile phone cases and laptop sleeves online at and enjoy eye-popping promos and discounts from your favorite fashion and accessories labels! Use our coupon codes and get even more savings as you shop at!

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