YRU: Unleash Your Wild Side

by Karmaloop Rep Code

YRU is an up-and-coming women’s shoe brand inspired by the music scene and street style of Los Angeles. While its product distribution is tame and selective, the YRU aesthetic and approach have always been wild.

Brand history

An emerging brand in the women’s shoe industry, YRU is making a strong statement with its bold designs. Its creative team is composed of artists and individual thinkers who aim to share the message of universal acceptance. Because there’s nothing more universal than the color black, YRU shoes are predominantly in this shade.

The YRU collection includes a wide range of flats, creepers, boots, and sneakers. YRU is especially known for its awesome range of flatforms – shoes that add height so you can look tall and feel tall without the punishing pain of elevated shoes. All YRU shoes are made with premium leather, quality hardware, and amazing details. The brand’s distinct style remains edgy and wild, just like the music scene in LA.

Beyond its fiery selection of footwear, YRU is also passionate about giving back. A portion of its proceeds are donated to gifted and financially challenged youth so they can have the equipment and materials to pursue their aspirations.

YRU at Karmaloop.com

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