Yosi Samra Fold-Up Flats — the Ladies’ Choice

by Karmaloop Rep Code

Here’s another Hollywood fashion secret. Well, it’s not exactly a secret as hundreds of celebrities— from Kourtney Kardashian to Alessandra Ambrosio—have been caught wearing the label mostly when off-duty.

The name is Yosi Samra and for Hollywood’s finest, it means two things: comfort and convenience. Just when you thought they only have room for killer stilettos, wedges and boots, the stars have actually invested in trusty, comfy flats to give their already tortured soles a much-deserved break. And with their bendable, lightweight and therefore very portable ballet flats, Yosi Samra has easily become the top choice for celebs and generally all women who are always on the go. These fold-up shoes feature the signature elasticized collar and rubber sole and come in a wide array of designs. If you had to pick only one (which I doubt), get the basic, black patent edition. For sure, it will be your most versatile footwear piece. Do check out www.karma-rep-codes.com for the latest promo codes available today!

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