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Brand History

WeSC or We Are Superlative Conspiracy is a Swedish clothing brand established by a group of snowboarders and skateboarders who want to redefine the fashion biz by dishing out a better alternative to designer outerwear. Inspired by intellectual slackers, people who have yet to reach their fullest potentials, WeSC clothing specializes in functional yet stylish lifestyle gears. The brand, which was established in 2000, roots for people whose dreams may not have been realized yet, but the day will come. The WeSC crew believes that each of us highlight our own ideals and values with the way we dress. WeSC clothing is sol in selected retail stores including online at Karmaloop.com.

Of Self-Expression and Motivation

As a brand, WeSC clothing is all about encouraging people to be the best they can be, to be better at what they do and to reach for that dream. Why? Because the brand’s design principle is rooted on the idea that each one of us has what it takes to be great. Drawing inspiration from intellectual slackers in the snow and skate scene, WeSC aims to share and maintain its own core values of working together and achieving the same goals through common interests of creative expressions, board sports and fashion. WeSC specializes in outerwear but have recently expanded its line to include winter wear, casual wear, footwear and accessories plus a kid’s line.

WeSC 2014 Spring/Summer Collection

For spring 2014, the good folks of WeSC clothing shows their love for classic denim with a release that has everything from light denim buttons downs, denim jacket, denim jeans and just about everything else in denim in all popular shades including indigo, midnight blue, stonewashed, etc.

WeSC Clothing at Karmaloop.com

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