Unif Clothing Bringing Back the Grunge Look of the 90s

by Karmaloop Rep Codes

Unif Brand History

Founded by former DJ Eric Espinoza, who started making clothes for his friends for years, finally decided to make it official, and opened shop that features his quirky, wild designs. Unif clothing serves as Eric’s channel to get his crazy clothing out there.

It wasn’t long before Unif clothing transformed into one of the trendiest provider of apparel for men and women, even landing the pages of Elle magazine’s Editor’s Pick alongside prestigious brands like Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, Marc Jacobs and Alexander Wang. The brand became a sensation and fast forward today, the brand continues making waves in the clothing industry. Unif clothing has stores across the world including fashion capital New York, Tokyo and Hong Kong.


Unif clothing specializes in grunge and punk rock-inspired apparel. From the brand’s cool collection of acid-washed jeans, plaid hoodies and plaid hoodies, screen-printed tops, edgy dresses and eye-catching tops.


A former DJ, Eric Espinoza incorporated his love for electronic music and passion for grunge, death metal, and punk music, creating a dizzying mix of neon-colored jackets, studded footwear, loud construction, fashion-forward style and slick fit.

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