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Brand History

T.U.K. which stands for Tread United Kingdom is a California-based footwear company established in 1991. The brand specializes in classic British creepers that were practically fixtures in the London Punk rock culture.

Creepers are similar to “flatform” shoes but without the chunky heels. Instead, the whole sole sports an elevated form to provide height without the discomfort typically associated with heels. Based in San Diego, T.U.K is home to a wide selection of creeper style ranging from mid to hi creeper heights: mondo is 3CM high and comes in ribbed sole and Hi creepers which are 5CM sole. T.U.K shoes are a favorite among music icons including Rihanna, Avril Lavigne, Adam Lambert, as well as bands like like Good Charlotte, The Offspring, U2 and Paramore.

Powered By Punk

T.U.K. brings back the heyday of 80s British punk scene with loud and proud creepers in a wide range of designs, including creepers with studded with metal spikes, creepers with animal-printed fabrics as accents, and character creepers which features funky animal faces like cat and rabbits, complete with whiskers. Apart from their classic creepers, which comes in two heights, mondo and hi-creepers, T.U.K. also offer a great selection of sneakers, flatforms, Mary Janes, bomber sneakers and Pinklewicker. T.U.K. shoes are crafted from fine leathers and are designed with comfort and style in mind.

T.U.K. 2013 Spring/Summer Collection

Edgy, bold and inspired by decades of music, culture and the arts, T.U.K. shoes’ spring/summer collection is designed for optimal creative expression. This season, T.U.K. drops down a wild collection of the classic creepers in varying shades of spring and summer colors. Stuff to watch out for includes the all leather classic creepers, the Viva creepers collection which are made with lightweight materials as well as fresh colorways for the round toe and pointed toe low, mid and hi creepers!

For the women’s line, it’s all about cute Character creepers! Stand up and stand out with fabulous wedge soles, vintage heels and round toe and pointed toe creepers, sandals and flats, all in funky prints, embellishments and colors!

T.U.K footwear at Karmaloop.com

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