Stone Cask

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Brand History

Stone Cask is a premier barware and kitchenware company established by two long-time friends in 2010. The brand’s cofounders have their respective backgrounds in design as well as extensive experience in the alcohol industry. Together, they combined everything they knew about two unlikely things that they are passionate about, designing and creating awesome barware, and developed Stone Cask. From brainstorming to researching and travelling to top distilleries in the world, the Stone Cask cofounders left no stone unturned until they came across innovative designs that give Stone Cask its distinctive quality. Stone Cask flasks are available in selected stores including online at

Your Drink, Your Style!

Stone Cask offers a fantastic selection of barware including quirky flasks to store alcoholic beverages in, cocktail shakers, wine accessories, and chilling stones to keep your drink nice and cold, just the way you like it! The Stone Cask crew takes pride in every product they create and design; only the best materials are utilized! So whether you enjoy fine wine or premium whiskey, you know Stone Cask has the best accessories to accompany your favorite drink. The brand also does custom engraving so if you want to gift a friend with a nice set of flasks or cocktail shakers, make it more special with a personalized engraving!

Stone Cask Flasks at

Loved by alcohol connoisseurs around the world, Stone Cask barware and kitchenware showcases the best in design and craftsmanship. Order your very own set of cocktail shakers or flasks by Stone Cask at and get them at very affordable prices. Use any of our fresh coupon codes as you shop online at to get maximum savings on selected kitchen ware and streetwear.

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