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Sperry topsidersBrand History

Founded by Paul Sperry in 1935, Sperry top-siders drew inspiration from the most unusual personality, his dog Prince. Sperry observed how his canine friend is able to maintain traction despite walking around slippery terrains. Upon close inspection, Sperry discovered that Prince’s paws are riddled with fine, wave-like grooves, allowing the beast to walk with ease even on the roughest surfaces.


The wave-like grooves that are on Sperry top-siders’ soles, named Razor-SipingTM, is just one of the many patented invention of the Sperry brand. The wave-like feature allows for amazing traction on most terrain. Decades after it was the launched, Sperry top-siders continue to provide high performing footwear for men and women.

Fine Footwear

Sperry top-siders footwear is made for men who enjoys the sun, the sea, and the surf, the man who exudes total confidence, the man who loves the thrill of oceanic adventures. Sperry top-siders’ patented grooves and carefree style is the perfect shoes for leisure. An American original since 1935, Sperry top-siders feature fine materials, exceptional craftsmanship and timeless elegance. Each pair is made with the finest leather to provide comfortable yet stylish shoes that lasts practically a lifetime.

Ethical Business Practice

Apart from providing premium quality footwear, Sperry top-siders also do business with suppliers and agents that practice high standards of ethical business behavior. All people working for Sperry top-siders are treated with respect and dignity. The company is in full compliance with applicable employment laws.

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