Speiwak Apparel Stylish Outerwear for the Adventurous Souls

by Karmaloop Rep Codes

Speiwak ClothingEarly Beginnings

Spiewak clothing was founded in 1904 by Isaac Spiewak in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Known for its handcrafted vests made from sheepskin, Isaac Spiewak sold his goods on the streets of New York to waterfront dockworkers. Still hip at 106, the brand continues the tradition of providing high quality apparel.

The brand is popular for its uniform workwear that even WWI and WWII soldiers prefer Spiewak signature work wear! The key is the brand’s careful attention to detail and superior quality. Today, Spiewak clothing is a favorite among millions of people all over the globe, transforming Spiewak clothing from a humble apparel company into an icon in streetwear.


Spiewak clothing is a brand synonymous with innovative, durable outerwear that can withstand the test of time. Today, the brand is popular among police, fire and emergency agencies around the globe due to the brand’s design integrity and authenticity. Fashion retailers are also taking notice and started selling Spiewak clothing across the US and other countries around the globe.

Spiewak clothing is keeping it fresh with its current collection that features young and youthful appeal. Apart from its vibrant clothing line, Spiewak clothing also offers high visibility safety gears for private companies and government agencies as well as a line of consumer outerwear made to withstand extreme weather while offering hip, fashionable designs.

Spiewak at Karmaloop.com

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