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Sole Brand History

Founded in 2008, Sole boutique has been the source of rare, limited edition footwear and cool streetwear for men and women. With over 2 years experience in the footwear industry, the brand is known for its uniquely different shoe styles, concepts, and eye-catching infusion of materials. Since its inception, Sole boutique has left an indelible mark in the fashion industry by moving away from cookie-cutter clothing and footwear and featuring never before seen designs. Each pair of shoes at Sole boutique pays homage to laidback attitude and strong personal style.

Treasure Troves of Limited Edition Goodies

Catering to the young, hip crowd, Sole boutique features a collection of vibrant footwear with playful designs and youthful appeal. What’s more, Sole boutique also feature a grand selection of limited items from brands like Limited and Luxe Adidas, Nike, Tokidoki, Puma, The Hundreds, Mishka, and more. Whether you love to get your hand son rare sneakers or sexy pair of pumps, Sole boutique offers something for everybody.

Sole boutique at

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