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Brand History

Shwood is an Oregon-based eyewear brand that takes organic fashion to a whole new level! Established in 2009 by Eric Singer, Shwood offers a growing selection of unisex sunglasses frames, sunglasses and lifestyle accessories. Eric started making these handcrafted frames after stealing a Mandrone branch from his neighbor. He worked part time to fund his little woodworking projects, buying stuff to complete his wooden sunglasses, like lenses and hinges. Once done, he would wear the wooden sunnies to just about anywhere.

He then started peddling his goods from his beat up car and it wasn’t long before investors stepped in to help sell his products. He met with four people who are willing to fund his project. They rented a small shop where Eric continued with wood works. Orders started flooding in and the rest is history. Shwood eyewear is also available online at

Experimenting With Nature

All Shwood sunglasses are handcrafted from exotic wood and fitted with Carl Zeiss lenses imported from Italy. The lenses offer superb eye protection from UVA and UVB rays. Shwood also offer polarized sunglasses. Because Shwood frames are made from genuine wood, no two frames are exactly alike. Each one is as unique as your thumbprint. The brand stays true to its “Experiment With Nature” slogan. Eric and his team are always looking for different materials to create their organic fashion accessories. The brand celebrates the courage and the boldness to invest on a good idea, despite the odds.

Shwood 2014 Spring/Summer Collection

For spring/summer 2014, Shwood drops down an upscale selection of wooden eyewear made from exotic wood and stone combination. The newest seasonal release, titled “Select Collection,” includes new models such as the Canby, Belmont, Ashland, Haystack and Florence. The frames feature brushes nickel temple caps and logo inlays.

Shwood Eyewear at

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