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Brand History

Seville Michelle Accessories is a New York-based jewelry brand established in the fall of 2009 by Seville Michelle Anastos, a wardrobe stylist turned jewelry designer. Seville, who grew up in Queens, always wanted a demanding career in fashion and design. From being a set designer, she worked her way up to become a full-time stylist before she set her eyes on designing accessories for women. For her namesake brand, Seville Michelle started by creating an epaulette.

An epaulette is an ornamental shoulder piece held together by chains and worn over one or both shoulders. She decorated her epaulette with fringes, feathers and other unique embellishments. She then set up a photo-shoot of her epaulette and posted the pictures on her website. To amp up her campaign, she gave away sample products to her blogger friends and influential people in the fashion industry. News about an edgy new accessory brand spread like wildfire and it wasn’t long before Seville Michelle got busy filling orders.

Seville Michelle Anastos’ brand finally hit the mainstream market after participating in the Sixth Annual Fresh Faces of Fashion show in 2010; a break that would eventually lead to an order from Alicia Keys to be used for the latter’s world tour. Today, Seville Michelle Anastos accessories are available in better retail stores like Nordstrom as well as through online retailers like

Bring On The Drama

Seville Michelle love ornate, theatrical pieces that really stand out. From stunning neckpieces to kickass cuff bracelets and hoop earrings, Seville Michelle Accessories is all about making an impact. Loved by fans and celebrities alike (including the likes of Alicia Keys, Nicole Kidman and Queen Bey herself), Seville Michelle Accessories offer unconventional accessories to classical pieces.

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