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Scary Stories Brand History

Scary Stories shirts is inspired by a three-volume children’s book titled Scary Stories to Tell in The Dark. The book, which was released between 1981 to 1991, features all the scary stuff that go bump into the night. Scary Stories shirts offer creepy characters from the book. The Scary Stories to Tell in The Dark was a book meant to scare children into never leaving the house. Scary Stories shirts features comfy shirts with images so disturbing, it’ll scare your pants off! worked with the Scary Stories publishers, Harper Collins, to produce the amazing collection, which will delight long-time fans and collectors alike.

High Quality Shirts

Why wait for Halloween when you can collect Scary Stories shirts? Whether you are too cool for costumes or you just want to get ‘em all for your collection, Scary Stories shirts are made with soft, antiqued white, 100% cotton produced especially by Alternative Apparel tees. Each shirt features licensed artwork from the book that inspired it with the story’s texts printed on the inside of each shirt in gray ink.


Each shirt features well-loved characters from seven of the classic book’s chilling tales of gore: The Thing, It’s Him, The Red Spot, The Haunted House, Is Something Wrong, Sam’s New Pet, and Bloody Fingers.

Scary Stories T-Shirts at

Relive your childhood and check out Scary Stories shirts! Collect your favorite characters from any of the book’s spine-tingling series! Scary Stories shirts are exclusively available only at so don’t miss out this awesome offer and start shopping today with Karmaloop Discount!

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