RVCA Clothing Fashion and Function in Clothing

by Karmaloop Rep Codes

RVCA Brand History

Established in 2000, RVCA clothing was a labor of love for creative director, PM Tenore. Specializing in everyday casual wear, RVCA clothing is an artist-driven company with its roots in the American work wear. Interjecting all original style and functional pieces, RVCA clothing offers apparel from various collaborative efforts with individuals with similar passion for arts and clothing.


Why fit in when you can stand out? RVCA clothing is all about taking life as the big picture. RVCA clothing is meant to inspire this generation through fashion, reflecting popular culture and substance.


RVCA clothing’s founder and creative director, PM Tenore, wanted an apparel line that reflects today’s music, fashion, art, and modern lifestyle. This is the reason why Tenore love to work with talented yet underrated artists. He wants to inspire this generation and push the envelope for creative excellence. Tenore then founded RVCA’s Artist Network Program (ANP), a program that celebrates radical arts and transforming market views of artworks and fashion by finding the balance of opposites. The result? Eye-catching apparel that is both striking and wearable.

RVCA Clothing at Karmaloop.com

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