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Brand History

Rook is an emerging lifestyle brand established by friends and streetwear veterans, Joe King and Jon Garcia in 2009. Joe and Jon came across the idea of Rook when they saw the lack of art-inspired garments on the market. While Joe and Jon are both involved in various streetwear labels, Rook is a very personal venture for both. Joe has been in the streetwear business for years while his childhood friend, Jon has been a designer for various urban wear brands. When both committed full time at Rook, they cranked out shirts with designs based on creative expressions. Rook has been a long time coming and it’s set out to dominate in the action sports industry through hybrid streetwear that combines the best of sportswear and urban wear. Rook streetwear celebrates art as a lifestyle and embraces our individual style. Rook streetwear is available online via

Hybrid Fashion For Men

Featuring bold color choices, eye-catching designs and all original artworks, Rook streetwear celebrates art as a lifestyle and embraces our individual style. Made for active individuals who demand stylish streetwear that can keep up with their lifestyles, Rook streetwear offers the best in quality, design and style. Joe and Jon believe that art is the best foundation for a streetwear brand. Therefore, the next logical step was to work with some of the brightest names in fashion and the art scene, developed fresh, funky designs for Rook clothing. Rook streetwear offers a wide range of action sportswear, including graphic shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, etc., that features compelling, art-driven designs. But beyond the rockin’ shirts and the awesome denims, the brand gives equal opportunity for all emerging designers to join the Rook crew and make awesome garments for the masses.

Rook 2013 Holiday Collection

Celebrating the season is Rook clothing with an awesome holiday 2013 collection. The collection, which features an exciting mix of winter wear and transitional wear, is all about looking standout radical as the holidays roll in. The 2013 Rook holiday collection is featured in 2 lookbook deliveries, each one putting the highlight on classic winter essentials like sweatshirts, buttons down shirts, headwear plus graphic shirts and the brand’s coveted jackets.

Rook streetwear at

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