Roi’al Bijoux

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Brand History

Roi’al Bijoux is an emerging jewelry label established in 2013 by Geoff Garber. Boasting of thousands of accessories designs ranging from bracelets, to chain necklaces, dangling earrings and crystal-encrusted bibs, Roi’al Bijoux is proud of its fine artistry, timeless designs, and quality materials, all these elements resulted in fabulous baubles and jewelry that adds something extra to your outfit. Spice up any ensemble with Roi’al Bijoux jewelry. Roi’al Bijoux accessories are available in selected retailers nationwide. Online, you can order Roi’al Bijoux accessories at

Timeless and Classic

While Roi’al Bijoux does offer a more contemporary take on quintessential jewelry style, the changes are very subtle to preserve the timelessness and the classic look of every piece. Whether you love gold or silver jewelry or black jewelry, you can get it all here at Roi’al Bijoux! Roi’al Bijoux prides itself for its high quality accessories that are guaranteed to enhance your style and make every ensemble unforgettable. Roi’al Bijoux translate to “Royal Jewelry” and that’s exactly what the brand is all about, offering accessories fit for royalty! From unique pieces and sought after designs to classic choices, find the right accessories for any occasion at Roi’al Bijoux. Live Roial!

Roi’al Bijoux 2014 Spring Collection

For spring 2014, Roi’al Bijoux dishes out fine accessories in classic gold and silver as well as the very trendy rose gold! Jewelry to watch out for this season includes the Knucklebar in brushed silver, yellow gold and rose gold, the Milan cuff bracelet, the Lion necklace and the bestselling gold-plated Miami Cuban chain box clasp necklaces.

Roi’al Bijoux at

Make every outfit pop with eye-catching pieces by Roi’al Bijoux. Every jewelry by Roi’al Bijoux is a true work of art. Order Roi’al Bijoux jewelry through and enjoy instant discount by simply keying in our Fresh Rep Codes before checking out.

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