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Rocksmith TokyoEast Meets West Fashion

Japan is known across the globe for its fun, whimsical often flamboyant fashion. Tokyo fashion is the ultimate self-expression. New York, the fashion capital of the world, has influenced some of the best trends across the globe including Rocksmith Tokyo clothing. The gritty New York street couture and the crazy Tokyo fashion inspired the founder of Rocksmith Tokyo clothing. In 2002, the label opened shop, offering its own spin on men and women’s wear.


Rocksmith Tokyo clothing combines the unmistakable NYC swagger ad Tokyo street couture to give you original, futuristic style. Think eye0catching graphics and edgy street fashion. The Rocksmith Tokyo clothing has its roots in the Tokyo club circuits but eventually, the brand earned a huge following that The Life Entertainment partnered with NYC-based Kilo International and catapulted Rocksmith Tokyo clothing worldwide success.


The brand known for its distinct style is equally popular for its many collabs. Recently, Rocksmith Tokyo clothing worked with Wu Tang Clan resulting in the highly successful Wu Massacre line. The second collaboration between Rocksmith Tokyo clothing and Wu Tang Clan resulted in five limited edition shirts featuring hoodies, knit headwear and premium quality M65 jacket. Additionally, the brand also collaborated with Nitty Scotte after she released her “Monster” freestyle.

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