Richer Poorer

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Brand History

Richer Poorer is an LA basic wear brand established in 2010 by Iva Pawling and Tim Morse. The brand specializes in premium quality socks for men and women. Iva and Tim created Richer Poorer to give people better basic wear options, elevating the humble socks from a closet staple into a true fashion statement. For most of us, socks are just one of those things we wear down to shreds. It’s something we don’t care much for in terms of designs and quality, as long as it gets the job done.

At Richer Poorer, meticulous care and attention to detail are paid to ensure each pair not only gets the job done, it does so in the best way possible. Perfect for people who demand the best in sock quality, Richer Poorer socks are light, comfortable, durable and most importantly, affordable! Richer Poorer socks are available in major retail stores as well as online at

One Step Ahead

When it comes to socks, Richer Poorer socks are second to none! Iva and Tim develop every design from scratch and the pair also handpicks the materials themselves. This is to guarantee that everything you see from the brand exemplifies what Richer Poorer is all about, delivering goods that are always one step ahead of others.

With designs that are as changes as constantly as the American landscape, Richer Poorer draws inspiration from major fashion capitals within the country including California, New York and the Midwest. Richer Poorer offers a myriad of sock choices including the classic striped socks to dark, solid colored socks, and contemporary sock designs; Richer Poorer puts a modern twist to classic men’s socks.

Richer Poorer 2014 Winter Collection

For its 2014 winter collection, Richer Poorer just launched its limited edition Fear Da Deer collection. Featuring retro prints, a nice pop of teal and orange plus earth toned socks; the Fear Da Deer got awesome designs that will definitely keep the winter blues away!

Richer Poorer Socks at

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