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Brand History

Recover is an Oregon based mobile protection manufacturer, established in 2010 by a collective group of artists with shared passion for design and fashion. So how does a newcomer standout in a sea of tech brands in the mainstream market? By going totally au naturel. No, not buckass nekkid, by harnessing the best of what nature has to offer and crafting awesome goods out of it, in Recover’s case, cool wooden iPhone, iPad and Macbook cases. No gimmicks, no cheap marketing ploy, Recover offers all-natural goods, the best protection that nature has to offer. Recover mobile protection cases are available in selected retailers and online at

100% Natural Protection

Recover describes itself as a purveyor of natural protection, a brand that seeks to deliver top-notch quality products made from the goodness of the earth. Recover strives to differentiate itself from others by innovating on natural, sustainable materials without offering functionality and superb protection. The brand incorporates minimalistic designs with all natural wood, merging classic with contemporary aesthetics to redefine the ordinary.

Recover hard-shell snap on wooden covers are made from genuine wood, each features soft touch reinforcements, embossed logo, a slim profile and durable construction. Because each one is made from all-natural material, wood grain may vary from hard case to hard case. Apart from iPhone hard case shells, Recover also offers skins and cases as well as leather-wrapped hard shell cases for Apple tablets and laptops.

Recover iPhone and iPad cases at

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