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Brand History

Radii is a Southern California footwear brand established in 2008 by Casey Arisohn. Casey aims to redefine contemporary sneakers by utilizing all the best materials around to create one of a kind footwear with standout designs and on trend hardware. Casey started out in the retail industry as a fresh-faced 16 year old. After being a retail worker for a year, he became a buying assistant and a sales rep later on.

After going back to school, Casey realized he is losing lots of connections and important business relationships in the retail industry so he went back as a retail consultant and manufacturer for a private brand. Over time, he started designing sneakers, was approached by a startup company and then later on, Radii was born. 

Pushing The Limits Of Footwear Design

Set to show that fashion has no limits, Radii footwear offers a premium line of men’s sneakers that brings together creative concepts, style ingenuity and classic detailing. The brand aims to surpass expectations of the current consumer climate by generating high end quality sneakers that puts quality and craftsmanship first. The Radii creative team understands the need for stylish footwear that fuses fashion forward ingenuity with functionality and that is the essence of Radii sneakers.

Radii Footwear 2013 Spring/Summer Collection

Summer won’t be complete without an awesome pair of sneakers and Radii is making it hard to hold on to your cash by unveiling their all new collection for the season. First up is the Standard Issue series, which is now available in two colors, teal nylon rip stop and all-black leather with ballistic nylon. The streamlined, straightforward design adds versatility, making each a great choice for any occasion. Next is the Simple sneakers series, which gets a black Leopard color. Pretty fierce for summer eh?

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