Project Canvas

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Brand History

Project Canvas is an emerging sneakers label aimed to empower the youth through classic staples, the humble slip-on sneakers. At Project Canvas , Canvas takes on a whole new meaning as CAN Visually Achieve Success (C.A.N.V.A.S),delivering great products that encourages people to unleash their creative streak because “within every person lies a wealth of creativity”.

The Project Canvas crew believes in relying on the talents and creativity of young adults, unlocking their talents to reach their maximum potential and do great in any undertaking. Project Canvas sneakers are unique because each pair is hand-painted using abstract versions of the primary colors: blue, red, and yellow. Basic as these colors may be, when mixed together, the result is a dynamic palette that can be used as a platform for self-expression, individuality and creativity. These cool Project Canvas sneakers are sold in selected retailers including online at!

Your Shoes, Your Canvas

Fashion is a form of self-expression and it’s the most personal of them all. And with artful expressions, everything is possible! As a brand, Project Canvas pegs itself as a platform where anyone can showcase their unique style, fashion and creativity. Drawing inspiration from art, culture and fashion, Project Canvas sneakers offer impeccable craftsmanship, well-thought out designs and nifty technical features for impressive performance like slip-resistant soles, durable stitching and quality canvas materials.

“Life is like a canvas. It begins blank and every day is another brushstroke. Make your life a masterpiece.”

– Project Canvas’ Philosophy

All these elements come to play, ultimately leading you to a myriad of awesome sneakers that truly encapsulated the word “street” and “style” in the most creative ways possible! If that’s not enough, Project Canvas donates a portion of its total sales is donated to underfunded creative arts programs in public schools and other organizations that encourage the youth to nurture their talents, spread optimism and build self-esteem.

Project Canvas 2014 Spring/Summer Collection

Lookout! Project Canvas just rolled out their latest sneakers for spring 2014 and this time, the theme centers on understated style and classic colorways. Highlight of the release are the earth colored canvas tops such as their bestselling Natural Primary High plus cool artsy ones like the The Great Wave off Kanagawa and so much more.

Project Canvas Sneakers at

If you love the always trendy shapes of classic sneakers and artsy, striking graphics to go along with it, then you need to come on over at and get yourself a nice pair of Project Canvas kicks! Shop now and enjoy amazing deals on your favorite streetwear labels plus, instant discounts off your purchases when you use our latest karmaloop promos before you check out!

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