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Product Etcetera™ is a San Diego-based design studio that specializes in providing branding solutions through visual communication. Utilizing all forms of media – web, print, broadcast, and the fine arts, Product Etcetera offers full brand development services to small businesses as well as institutions.

When not designing for its clients, Product Etc produces passionate artwork for the San Diego community, creating graphic tees and caps under its PRDTetc™ label. To know more about Karmaloop Promo visit Karmaloop FAQ.

Product Etcetera

Brand history

Product Etcetera is the brainchild of San Diego design rock stars Jordan Stark and Tony Martinez – accomplished solo artists drawn together by a shared love of bold, clean design, and a sense of community.

Joining forces in 2004, Stark and Martinez set up a commercial graphic design studio in San Diego executing brand development campaigns across multiple media platforms as well as public art installations.

A year later, after working on an exclusive project for a high-profile New York boutique retailer, the duo launched their PRDTetc™ label and first line of graphic T-shirts and hats.

Product Etc has maintained pop-up shops in boutique retailers throughout the West Coast and has collaborated with other high profile brands, stores, and organizations to produce exclusive projects and events. In March 2011, the brand organized and launched the Bring Back The Brown campaign to foster a stronger loyalty to San Diego and its sports culture.

Product Etc serves as the institutional umbrella of all its brands, namely Westside Love, TwentyFour/Seven, Dollar Devils, and Pirates & Emperors.

Westside Love™

Westside Love is a sign of affection for the Pacific coast of the United States. Its logo is a flip on the notorious hand gesture made famous through 90’s hip-hop. The Westside gesture has also become a symbol to spite a specific brand of New York City rappers.


TwentyFour/Seven is the badge that represents an individual’s constant drive. Originally inspired by the ancient symbol for Jupiter, TwentyFour/Seven is always associated with things that are nonstop.

Dollar Devils™

Dollar Devils is a symbol for all the bastards who are ready to con, or kill the innocent for a buck. There’s a special place in hell for these guys.

Pirates & Emperors™

Pirates & Emperors is an insignia chronicling the two hungry breeds with the teeth to terrify nations. It’s a visual representation that comes from St. Augustine’s “City of God” in which he tells an anecdote between Alexander the Great and a pirate, proposing that what is coined as piracy by a small boat simply reflects what emperors do with a navy fleet.

Product Etc at

Karmaloop is showcasing new tees and caps from Product Etc this season. The Westside Love Home and Away tees, Dollar Devils Mitchell & Ness fitted cap, TwentyFour/Seven Away tee, Dollar Devils Home and Away tees, TwentyFour/Seven Mitchell & Ness fitted cap, and Pirates & Emperors Home and Away tees are now available.

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