Pretty Polly

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Brand History

Pretty Polly is a UK legwear brand established by Oswald Buckland and Harry Hibbert in 1919. Originally located in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, Pretty Polly is regarded as Britain’s biggest hosiery manufacturing company. However, the brand changed hands in 1957 when Thomas Hilling, the founder of Ballerian Hosiery and Walton Hosiery acquired Pretty Polly. In 1961, Pretty Polly merged with Hilling’s two other hosiery brand to form one mega legwear company. Pretty Polly became a legwear brand with the most extensive selection of hosiery colors, prints and designs, the largest in the world. Stateside, Pretty Polly products are sold online at

Classic and Contemporary Women’s Legwear

Pretty Polly specializes in a great number of legwear designs. From sheer stockings to knitted tights, opaque to seamless hosiery, the brand is all about delivering premium quality legwear for all women. The brand is not only credited for having the largest archive of legwear design in the world, Pretty Polly was also the originator of the first seamless, non-run stockings and suspender-less stockings. Truly, Pretty Polly is a groundbreaking company that modernized women’s clothing designs.

The brand is all about delivering functional yet fashionable products for women. Britain is infamous for its extremely chilly weather and it’s nice to see turn of the century brands like Pretty Polly offering affordable tights for all. Perfect for warm or cool weather, the legwear come in a range of designs, thickness and fabric blends.

Pretty Polly 2013 Winter Collection

With temperatures dropping, Pretty Polly releases their newest collection just in time for winter season. For fall/winter 2013, the brand introduces its latest set of thermal tights in solid colors and printed designs, sheer and opaque hosiery, knee-high stockings, toner tights gift sets, plus size tights and printed stockings!

Pretty Polly Tights at

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