Play Cloths Apparel Contemporary Progressive Casual Wear

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Play Cloths Brand History

Play Cloths clothing is an apparel brand specializing in urban cool streetwear. Launched in 2008 by Hip-Hop duo Clipse, the brand went on to become one of the most sought after urban wear brand. Clipse took a rather bold marketing strategy, promoting the brand by releasing a mix tape titled Road to Till The Casket Drop on December 1, 2008.


Play Cloths clothing celebrates freedom from conformity, embracing unique, individual style with exceptional apparel brand that goes from casual to preppy. Play Cloths clothing offer a cool collection of denim pants, jackets, cardigans, hoodies and shirts, each piece feature the brand’s own slant and premium finish.

Although the concept of musicians branching to the fashion industry is hardly new, Play Cloths clothing always make sure it offers something truly different. Using unique fabrics that are not only comfortable and highlights awesome designs as well as premium materials, Play Cloths clothing will adapt pretty much any adventure you want to take on! After all, Play Cloths clothing is all work, all play.

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