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Brand History

Established in 1997 in Huntington Beach by Paul Frank, Paul Frank sleepwear and accessories is home to creative, imaginative products that enrich our lives. Paul Frank’s signature products include sleepwear, apparel, collectible, plush toys and accessories for all ages. The brand initially sell wallets and bags but as the demand grew, so did Paul Frank’s product line.

Paul Frank products are recognizable globally for its whimsical colorways and utterly cute characters, the most popular being Julius the Monkey and Skurvy. Rather than focusing on products for kids, the brand covered all bases, delivering fantastically designed products for kids and adults alike! Paul Frank sleepwear and apparel is available in selected retailers including online at!

Delightful Discovery At Every Turn

Paul Frank is more than just a sleepwear or a toy company. It’s a hidden world of adventure with whimsical characters abound! A world where delightful discoveries are waiting at every turn. Paul Frank has everything from bedspread sets, stationeries, footwear, sleep wear, plush toys, collectibe toys, home items, intimate wear and slippers too. Paul Frank has over 18 stores across the world including key cities in London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Dubai, Qatar, Bangkok, Athens, Taipei, Japan and Malaysia. Loved by fans and celebrities including like Hilary Duff, Bad Religion, The Donnas, The White Stripes, Jason Schwarzman, Elijah Wood, Zooey Deschanel, there is definitely something for everyone at Paul Frank’s magical world!

Paul Frank Sleepwear 2013 Fall Collection

Paul Frank celebrates the chilly season with an exciting range of sleepwear, apparel and accessories inspire by the rich history of the native American people. The collection is aimed to spread awareness about the culture and sociology of the native American people, telling their unique story through well-designed garments. Paul Frank commissioned four artists to piece together the collection: Louie Gong (Nooksack), Cree/Metis artist Candace Halcro, Dustin Martin, a Navajo artist and Columbia University grad and the Soft Museum, which is a group of is a group of artists from Santa Fe and have connections with the Institute of American Indian Arts. The Paul Frank x Native Designer collab collection for fall will comprise of progressive streetwear and signature Paul Frank products in distinct Navajo prints and native American artworks.

Paul Frank Sleepwear at

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