Palladium Boots Hardwearing Footwear for Men and Women

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PalladiumBrand History

In 1920, the Palladium brand was initially launched as a tire manufacturing company during the early years of the aviation industry. Palladium tires were manufactured by layering canvas bands under vulcanized rubber. The Palladium tires became so popular back then that most European aircrafts were fitted with them.

Once World War 2 ended, the industry of aircraft manufacturing lost its demand. This resulted in the down spiral movement of the tire companies. Palladium decided to switch from manufacturing tires into creating strong and durable boots just like their old products. In 1947, Palladium boots were first sold in Pont De Cheruy.

Enduring Boots

Palladium boots boast of hardiness, comfort and efficiency. Due to its toughness, the French Foreign Legion adopted Palladium boots as part of their uniform. To test the sturdiness of Palladium boots, the French Foreign Legion experimented with a pair, subjecting them to various desert conditions in North Africa and the rugged terrain of the Atlas Mountains.


Palladium boots offers distinct and timeless designs. Its highly durable quality and classic cuts will definitely go with just about everything. The brand’s 60-year experience in the industry is a true testament that their products can not only withstand rigid conditions but also the test of time. In fact, Palladium boots are one of the most popular footwear brands across the country because of its iconic designs and enduring quality.

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