Palladium Boots Enduring Footwear For Men and Women

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Palladium Brand History

The Palladium brand was founded in 1920 as a tire manufacturing company when the aviation industry was at its infancy. The Palladium tires were made by layering canvas bands under vulcanized rubber. Palladium tires were such a hit back then that most European aircrafts are fitted with Palladium tires.

The aircraft manufacturing business lost the demand for aircrafts after World War 2 and this also meant the tire companies are finding it very hard to branch their business. However, Palladium decided to switch from manufacturing tires into creating footwear that are just as hardwearing as their old products. It was in 1947 when a plant in Pont De Cheruy sold the first Palladium boots.

Enduring Boots

Palladium boots feature superior comfort, durability and functionality. It was so hardwearing that the French Foreign Legion actually adopted Palladium boots for their use. The French Foreign Legion actually conducted an independent test on Palladium boots’ durability, subjecting a pair to various desert conditions in North Africa and the rugged terrain of the Atlas Mountains.


Today, Palladium boots still sports classic lines and original designs. Its relevance is as timeless as its enduring quality. With more than 60 years in the business, Palladium boots remains one of the most innovative footwear brands, offering time-tested products, Palladium boots offers trendy footwear that will last for years to come.

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