Obey Clothing Classic Military Designs and Sillouettes

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ClothingBrand History

Obey clothing was launched in 2001 by designer Shepard Fairey. The brand is a mix of influences that ranges from punk rock, skateboarding as a culture, pop culture, and Fairey’s own ideals, concepts, designs and art. The brand is also neck-deep in pop culture, commercial marketing and dabbles in political messaging. The brand’s name represents the designer’s sarcasm, representing reverse psychology to heed of the propagandists and bending the world to their agendas.


The Obey clothing line was initially created as an extension of Shepard’s artwork. The brand is supposed to serve as a channel for his populist views, a canvas to spread his art. Inspired by military designs, work wear, as well as cultural movement and elemental inspirations, Shepard, collaborating with designers Mike Ternosky and Erin Wignall, created Obey clothing, an apparel company that features his influences, designs, ideals, philosophy as well as his own message to the people.


Obey clothing celebrates diversity and experience, encouraging questions and using the message as a medium. Obey clothing stimulates curiosity, questioning the purpose or ads when the motive is not obvious. Obey clothing designs features people’s relationship with their current surroundings.

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