N4E1 Non-Conformist Apparel Brand

by Karmaloop Rep Codes

N4E1Early Beginnings

Founded in 2006 by director of operation, Stephen Lee, N4E1 clothing stands for “Not For Everyone”, the brand’s core business that directly relates to its distinct brand of style. Lee, a Toronto-based Hong Kong transplant oversee the whole N4E1 clothing operations to ensure each item carries on the tradition of providing non-conformist style for men with great taste and sense of fashion.


Calling N4E1 clothing’s signature look as the modernized American dream, Lee said “Gold and diamonds is a N4E1 trademark, we like to outshine everyone!” in an interview. The brand sets itself apart from the sea of apparel labels by offering something different, non-conformist style that totally speaks volumes about the brand’s stand against today’s fleeting streetwear fashion. N4E1 clothing is here to satisfy the American consumer’s ferocious appetite for awesome streetwear.


N4E1 clothing is a premium, modern apparel brand redefines streetwear, bring a new level of class, distinction and quality to street wear. A brand that offers something more than ordinary for discerning individuals appreciates high quality garment, cool details, and distinct designs seen nowhere else. Note that all N4E1 clothing and bags are produced in limited numbers only and are available in exclusive boutiques to preserve the brand’s aim to break the norm for conventional form of smart clothing.

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