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Brand History

MYVL is a Los Angeles-based clothing brand established in 2011 by friends, Tony Koo and Debbie Woo. They are longtime friends who joined forces in a bid to redefine LA fashion. With Tony’s keen business abilities and Debbie’s no-nonsense designs, they created MYVL clothing. MYVL clothing is all about bringing a bit of LA edge to their vintage-inspired line. It’s a brand inspired by the clever, made for non-basic bitches who aren’t afraid to go after what they want! It’s fresh, hip, girly and flirty! Make no mistake, MYVL clothing is not for everyone. The cofounders created the brand with bold fashion mavens in mind. MYVL clothing is available in selected retailers. Online, MYVL clothing is available at

Fashion For Non-Basic B*tches

So what is MYVL all about? MYVL clothing offers unique garments for bold, outspoken women who do not believe in restrictions nor sacrifice their integrity to “fit in”. MYVL clothing is a brand for women who have an opinion and won’t hesitate to give you a piece of it. MYVL clothing is dedicated to women who want to liberate themselves and not become a mere product of their environment. With a growing selection of cropped tops, tank tops, graphic tees, muscle shirts and accessories, MYVL clothing made its mark in the business for highlighting attitude and style above all else.

MYVL clothing At

MYVL clothing has arrived at! That’s right boys and girls, get the latest from MYVL clothing hot n’ fresh online at From their muscle shirts right down to their cool caps and cropped tees, brings you the best picks off MYVL clothing’s newest line. Shop now and get great discounts off your purchases by simply keying in our Karmaloop rep code before you check out.

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