Music Merch

by Karmaloop Rep Code

Brand History

Music Merch is a mail order and streetwear company that specializes in music and textile products. The brand started out in the mail order business and dominated the industry for 20 years before Music Merch started its own streetwear line. Right off the bat, Music Merch went against passing trends and instead, chose to develop timeless designs inspired by the most iconic artists of our generation including KISS, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Motorhead, The Ramones, AC/DC and so much more. 

The philosophy behind Music Merch is to express one’s self through fashion and music. Music Merch celebrates freedom of self-expression through classic band shirts from today’s hottest acts, giving their growing customer base a glimpse of the brand’s own passion for music and the arts.

Face-Melting Streetwear

When it comes to Music Merch, they’ve got plenty. From their undying passion for music and the arts to face melting punk rock and thrash metal, Music Merch is and will always be inspired by music that warms the heart and bobs the head!

Music Merch Products

Music Merch offers a wide range of products ranging from classic band tees and graphic shirts in very extensive categories divided by styles and band groups. The company is also home to rockabilias, blue ray, accessories and so much more. Hey, if you’ve been in the biz for over 20 years, you’d have a dizzying array of products too!

Music Merch at

Celebrate music and order awesome Music Merch graphic tees, available now at! just opened its pre-order option to the Gothic Inglish shirt series as well as the Chuck Inglish X Turntable series plus loads of other goodies. See them all at and get them at super affordable prices! Find out what’s hot and new here.

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