Mosley Tribes

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Brand History

Mosley Tribes is an American eyewear brand founded in 2005 by Bill Barton and Larry Leight of the Oliver People fame. Bill and Larry boasts of an extensive experience in lifestyle eyewear design and together, they make a formidable force in urban fashion industry. The co-founders are avid sports lovers and they wanted to translate their own passion for sports into quality eyewear. The result is Mosley Tribes eyewear, an eyewear and accessories brand created for people who want to enjoy luxe eyewear without sacrificing affordability and style. The brand bridges the gap between active living and style!

Mosley + Tribes

Bill and Larry chose the name Mosley Tribes for two reasons. The word “Mosley” refers to an expression of euphoria while the word “Tribes” meant a group of individuals united in one community, which is basically what the brand believes in, being united in both fashion and lifestyle as well as being delighted in fantastic products! Inspired by classic eyewear designs with enduring style as well as retro cool shades, Mosley Tribes offer an exciting range of men and women’s eyewear that delivers optimum protection against the sun thanks to the brand’s patented VFX lens technology for crystal clear visibility under the harshest of conditions.

Mosley Tribes 2013 Spring/Summer Collection

This spring, Mosley Tribes dishes out a collection of retro shades inspired by the vintage motorcycle styling of the 40s and the 60s wayfarer era. From eyewear with modified cable temple to subtle shades and dark lenses, Mosley Tribes’ spring collection exudes cool as cucumber style and versatile designs! The sunnies are made in timeless unisex shapes with a blend of acetate and metal accents.

Mosley Tribes eyewear at

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