Mosley Tribes Eyewear High Tech Eyewear for Men and Women

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Mosley Tribes sunglassesMosley Tribes: The Brand

The name “Mosley” refers to the brand’s interpretation of euphoric feeling while “Tribes” stands for a united group of individuals. Mosley Tribes sunglasses as a brand aims to integrate style and function together bringing the best in lens technology with the latest eyewear designs. Wearing Mosley Tribes sunglasses means being stylish without compromising eye protection.


Mosley Tribes sunglasses complement whatever lifestyle you choose. The brand draw inspiration from frenetic city life and high performance sports, perfectly filling the void for fashionable eyewear for men and women,

The newest Mosley Tribes sunglasses feature earth-toned laminates, natural hues and unique textures. The inspiration of this collection is the rugged island of Kauai, a place bursting with vibrant, natural forests, amazing coastlines that stretch for miles and relaxing beaches.


Mosley Tribes sunglasses is all about subtle designs, classic shapes and timeless elegance, the perfect eyewear for people who loves iconic eyewear styles with a contemporary twist. You will find the right Mosley Tribes sunglasses that fit your unique style and complement any outfit.

Mosley Tribes sunglasses exemplify what is and what will be. Mosley Tribes sunglasses aim to enlighten the world through vision.

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