Morning Warrior

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Brand History

Morning Warrior is a Los Angeles clothing brand established in 2010 by Renee Garcia. Renee got into the fashion business as an intern for another clothing band. Despite not having background in fashion design, she established her own clothing line and based her design know-how on the stuff she learned as an intern. Born out of a desire to inspire women through fashion, Morning Warrior clothing offers fabulous knitwear and casual wear for women.

Renee’s spontaneous, youthful and eclectic sense of fashion is made for risk takers, women who love to experiment with their styles and those that are not afraid to try something new! By the short time Morning Warrior was launched, celebrities and notable fashion icons began noticing the brand, until Morning Warrior clothing was featured in various fashion magazines. Morning Warrior clothing is available in selected retailers and online, you can check out Morning Warrior clothing at

Made to Inspire. Made for the Brave.

What moves you? Morning Warrior clothing is all about inspiring women the minute they get out of bed and open their closet. Made for girls who love to explore the bounds of fashion, Morning Warrior clothing specializes in knitwear but has since diversified its line to include casual wear and accessories for women. Morning Warrior clothing aims to fuel the fire of risk takers and encourage women to become all that they want to be!

For Renee, the fabric is very much an essential part of her design as every other element was. Featuring bold, fresh, iconic graphics, classic silhouettes and a free-spirited style, Morning Warrior clothing is made from fabulous fabrics that are prized as much for their comfort as they are for their softness. Drawing inspiration from mod fashion, rebellious street style and sexy cuts, Morning Warrior clothing is always flattering, stylish and a true classic!

Morning Warrior at

From their grunge-y cropped tops to their statement muscle shirts and their gorgeous fitted dresses, all the hottest garbs by Morning Warrior is now available at Shop now and update your wardrobe. Visit this site before you check out at and get instant discount off your purchase today!

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