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Brand History

Proudly based in Brooklyn, Mishka is a lifestyle brand established in 2003 by local designers, Greg Rivera and Mikhail Bortnik. Featuring a darker take on contemporary menswear, the brand draws inspiration from the changing landscape of Brooklyn as well as its edgy, earthy street style. The idea behind the brand was to showcase the more sinister side of NYC and we all know Brooklyn is one hard neighborhood to penetrate.

Greg Rivera and Mikhail Bortnik was inspired to create the brand after an enlightening discussion of their favorite band, Sacrifyx. It was said that all members of the band died of a plane crash but not before recording their late album, aptly titled, The Last Book. Their fixation for the band and the untimely demise of its band members became the foundation of Mishka clothing. Mishka clothing is sold in major retail stores including online over at Karmaloop.com.

Authentic Brooklyn

If you love the downtown street vibe of Brooklyn and its edgy, laidback street wear, then you will love Mishka clothing. Edgy but versatile, street but wearable, Mishka clothing offers a growing selection of denims, casual wear, urban wear and accessories for men. Inspired by hip-hop and contemporary menswear style, Mishka clothing may not be for the faint of heart but it’s a brand committed in delivering authentic Brooklyn streetwear.

Mishka 2014 Pre-Summer Collection

Mishka clothing is back with a pre-summer collection in a lookbook titled “R1TU4L5.” The R1TU4L5 lookbook features the brand’s upcoming range of snapbacks, jerseys and short- and long-sleeved shirts. Inspired by the occult, the internet and the darker, more esoteric side of streetwear, this pre-summer capsule collection is out now!

Mishka streetwear at Karmaloop.com

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