Mink Pink Vintage Streetwear for Women

by Karmaloop Rep Codes

Mink Pink clothingBrand History

Mink Pink clothing is an Australian-based apparel brand inspired by the ever-evolving street style and vintage clothing. Offering a great mix of punk-inspired pieces the brand features a wide range of clothing including statement jackets, leopard prints, and sexy, flattering dresses that accentuates the right places. Whether you prefer wild fashion, tough chick or sweet, dreamy dresses, you are bound to find the look that suits your personal style at Mink Pink clothing.

Despite being relatively new to the ready to wear industry, Mink Pink clothing has been making waves with its signature Aussie flair, schizophrenic style that goes from sweet to edgy. Mink Pink clothing’s latest offering includes slashed denims and Bohemian-inspired dresses and tops.


The main inspiration behind the brand varies from rock n’ roll, Bohemian-inspired fashion and a little bit of that Australian hippie vibe. The result is unconventional fashion that tether between prim and wild! Mink Pink clothing has been around for a little over a decade and has carved a real identity to the fashion industry.

Mink Pink at Karmaloop.com

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