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Brand History

Mi-Pac is a British bag company established in 2012. The brand specializes in crafting durable heritage-style backpacks in a variety of colors and prints. Mi-Pac combines the timeless designs of heritage-style backpacks and integrating a bit of fun and contemporary details to meet the demand for stylish backpacks for style-conscious individuals.

Mi-Pac is all about colors and funky prints. In fact, their collection has a sizable selection of both printed and solid-colored backpacks. Everyone should find something that suit their distinct style. Perfect for everyday use or as school bags, Mi-Pac bags are crafted from hardy materials to withstand every day wear and tear. Mi-Pac bags are available in selected stores locally and internationally, including via leading online retail store, Karmaloop.com.

Iconic Bag Style Reimagined

Mi-Pac brings back the best of British-style backpacks. Featuring iconic shapes and traditional designs, Mi-Pac reimagines heritage-style backpacks but with contemporary details like faux leather bottoms to reinforce strength and durability, modern hardware, etc. Mi-Pac bags’ timeless designs and extensive colorways make it one of UK’s most popular bag brands.

Mi-Pac Bag Collection

Mi-Pac is all about variety and style. So far, the brand introduced six bag lines (Classic, Tonal, Textile, Flag, Pocket Prints and Custom Prints) as well as two new ones, Laptop Sleeves and Duffel Bags.

Classic Range: The classic range is comprised of solid colored heritage-style backpacks. There are currently 12 colors to choose from under the Classic range.

Tonal Range: The Tonal range is composed of two-tone carryovers as well as newer tri-tone carryover designs.

Textile Range: The Textile range are heritage-style backpacks crafted from fabrics with either Nordic or Native American patterns. Perfect for those looking for a striking everyday bags.

The Flag Range: This collection consists of classic heritage-style bags inspired by national flags, complete with iconic colors of each nation.

Pocket Print Collection: The Pocket Print collection is composed of Mi-Pac classic backpacks with screen printed pattern pockets in stars, polka dots, paisley or aloha prints.

Custom Prints Collection: The Custom Print collection offers backpacks in vintage prints, iconic animal skin prints and woodland-themed camo prints.

Mi-Pac 2013 Summer Collection

Mi-Pac introduces two new ranges of bags from its existing line, the Laptop sleeves and Duffel bag collection. Just like the majority of Mi-Pac’s line, both collection sports printed fabric materials and reinforced bottom. Both collections are set out to be a part of Mi-Pac’s permanent range.

Mi-Pac Bags at Karmaloop.com

Whether you’re looking for a stylish weekender bags or you want a heritage-style backpacks, Karmaloop.com brings you the freshest picks from Mi-Pac’s Duffel bag collection and backpack collection.  Shop for Mi-Pac bags at Karmaloop.com and get these babies at a great price! Grab these bags for less using our Karmaloop Rep Codes!

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