Matix Clothing Funky Streetwear for Men and Women

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Matix streetwear Brand History

Founded in 1998 by pro skateboarders, Daewon Song and Tim Gavin, Matix streetwear features durable clothing that do not disintegrate easily upon extreme wear and tear like contact with concrete, a common problem to all skateboarders.

The brand was initially an offshoot of the founders’ roots in skateboarding, manufacturing board shorts and shorts but expanded into a retail store after orders started pouring in. By 2003, Matix streetwear reached Europe as well as other parts of the world. Surfers and skateboarders across the globe turned to fans and it didn’t take long before Matix streetwear dominated in its niche. Matix streetwear is now available in selected stores and boutiques all over the world and through online retailers.


Matix streetwear is renowned for its durability, able to withstand extreme wear and tear, which is a persistent problem to many skateboarders. However, the brand also branched out to surfing apparel. Today, the brand is one of the best sources for board shorts and shorts for men and women who love riding the waves.

The key to Matix streetwear’s success is its creative team comprising of the brightest designers like Marc Johnson, Daewon Song, and Gabe Kling. What’s more, creators of the brand are advocates of sustainable and eco-friendly garment production. In fact, Matix streetwear is committed in protecting the environment by coming up with Pollution Solution biodegradable trash bag.

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