Mass Exodus: Depart From Your Reality and Join a Cause

by Karmaloop Rep Code

MASS EXODUS, a.k.a. MSXDS, is a contemporary lifestyle brand that reflects the evolution of progressive street art, music, and fashion cultures. Created by Filipino-born New Jersey native Chris San Juan, Mass Exodus is all about embracing change and shunning conformity and complacency.

Going by the motto “Tua Res Evadere” – a Latin derivative of “Escape from Your Reality” – Mass Exodus challenges the youth to deviate from the norm and step away from the cookie cutter mentality. Mass Exodus aims to reach every corner of the globe, every living thing under the sun, and any human soul that aspires to reach a new pinnacle of their existence and who doesn’t quit striving to make life more meaningful.

Mass Exodus graphic shirts, tank tops, raglans, hoodies, pullovers, and sweatshirts are made for the masses – the common Neo of this life’s matrix who desires change, be it student organizations, voters, democratic movements, green environmental parties, and those for fair rights and equal representation.

If you’re happy with your current situation, then Mass Exodus is not the brand for you. Mass Exodus inspires us all to break free from what the world tells us – how to live, what to do, and how we should think. It encourages you to take that leap towards improving who you are, what you represent, and the new legacy you want to leave.

Mass Exodus is calling you out to push ahead and join a cause. If you let change pass you by, then you’ve contributed nothing to your well-being and are wasting away the gifts that you’ve been blessed with.

Mass Exodus at

Contribute and account for something! Join the people’s movement and gear up with Mass Exodus, now available at Designs featured this season include the very popular Departed tank, tee and raglan, as well as the Madman Stencil tank, Innovation tank, Recruit tank, and Burning Man tee. Click this link to know more how to avail discounts when purchasing this product.

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