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FriendsWithYou Brand History

Founded by Miami native Samuel Borkson and Arturo Sandoval in 2002, FriendsWithYou clothing is all about spreading love across the nation. Featuring a series of adorable garment, FriendsWithYou clothing promote the message of Magic • Luck • Friendship. Both creative artists, Sandoval and Borkson make it a point to add a touch of playfulness with every garment they produce.


FriendsWithYou clothing whimsical cartoon characters are inspired by popular culture, sculptures, and performance, the arts. Each garment is made as a way to channel the founders’ inspiration and ideas to life.


Fun, playful graphics take center stage at FriendsWithYou clothing. From  a simple sewing project, FriendsWithYou clothing has transformed into a full pledged apparel label as well as offer collectible toys, art prints and publications, stationeries, accessories, furniture and home décor and indoor and outdoor activity pieces that feature the fun, signature FriendsWithYou clothing characters.

FriendsWithYou clothing continues the tradition of spreading the love across the globe through its lighthearted characters, ideas and message of Magic • Luck • Friendship that appeals to all ages. Borkson and Sandoval are always open to collaborate with the brightest artists within the modern art community in order to bring fans fresh concepts and new, adorable pieces to collect.

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