Lurk Hard

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Brand History

Lurk Hard is a Sacramento streetwear brand established in 2008 by pro skateboarder, Geno Failla. The brand initially started out as a side project between Geno and his then-girlfriend, for the latter’s design class. However, the collaborative project fizzled out about the same time as their relationship crumbled. Rather than seeing all their efforts put to waste, Geno went with the project alone and started their sticker and shirt company, naming it Lurk Hard. From being a small, independent shirt brand, Lurk Hard grew into a streetwear, eventually becoming popular among locals and beyond.

Geno never had any formal training in fashion and design. But despite knowing squat about fashion at first, he eventually got the hang of it. Well, more than getting the hang of it, it became his passion. Through trial and error and sleepless nights, Geno discovered what works and what doesn’t work and introduced his first shirt collection for Lurk Hard. And it was a smashing success! Today, Lurk Hard remains as popular as ever complete with local and international following. Lurk Hard streetwear is available in selected stores as well as through leading on retail store,

Celebrating The Lurkers

Lurkers tend to have a bad connotation especially on the internet. It’s basically synonymous with that creepy guy you meet online who hardly says anything and does hardly anything but to make people feel uncomfortable. The brand aims to lift the bad connotation against lurkers, taking on a new meaning with Lurk Hard streetwear.

“We do more edgy stuff; I try to switch it up. I like simple stuff that has something that kind of pops. I try to balance it out.”

-Geno Failla

Inspired by street art, graffiti art and California’s exciting skate culture, Lurk Hard offers an impressive selection of menswear, accessories and headwear. Geno aims to create a brand that all skateboarders like himself can really feel at home in, a brand that truly reflects what skateboarding is all about.

Lurk Hard 2013 Fall Collection

Lurk Hard gives us a sneak peek of what’s to come this fall 2013. From the looks of it, the bran will drop down a great selection of fall must-haves, woven shirts, graphic tees, buttons down shirts, knitted beanies and awesome caps to round up the collection. The brand is slated to lay down the complete fall 2013 collection any day now.

Lurk Hard at

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