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Brand History

Lamp-In-A-Box is a lighting solutions company founded by Daniel Cytrynowicz in 2007. Daniel, who wanted to redefine people’s experience with table lamps, had a vision to create fun, funky lightning solutions that challenges the otherwise boring, traditional lightning objects we all grew up using.

Daniel created Lamp-In-A-Box to make table lamps “an object of desire”, to turn an essential home item we don’t usually think much of, into must-have home accessories. From classic table top lamps in over 1,000 designs to the “build-your-own” lamp option, Daniel never runs out of ways to change people’s perspective about everyday lightning solutions in the home should be.

Sleek Lamps In Funky/Geeky Designs

The concept behind Lamp-In-A-Box is to not just improve lighting around the home, but also to put a smile on people’s face! Perfect as house warming gifts or to liven up key places in the home, Lamp-In-A-Box has a wide range of designs to choose from as well as bespoke designs and art-driven designs which is part of the brand’s collaborative collection with indie artists and iconic brands. They do a Build-Your-Own Lamp service for personalized lamps that stands out. Lamp-In-A-Box’s sleek collection of table lamps is made to cater to a wider range of individual tastes and lifestyles.

Lamp-In-A-Box at

Lamp-In-A-Box puts the “fun” back in functional with a collection of super stylish home lamps! brings you some of Lamp-In-A-Box’s the Native Lamp, Hidden Message Tapestry Lamp, the 420 Dreams Lamp and so much more! Come on over at and get these funky lamps at very affordable prices! Check out for Karmaloop rep codes to get huge discounts!

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