Kuso Pop

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Brand History

Kuso Pop is a San Jose, California lifestyle brand that offers a pretty impressive selection of collectible toys, clothing, jewelry and accessories and other lifestyle items. Drawing inspiration from animated designs and costumes seen in cosplays, Japanese animes and funky toy designs, Kuso Pop aims to add a bit of fun and color to your wardrobe and beyond. The brand caters to all people who have a soft spot for classic anime and vinyl toys. Kuso Pop products are created in limited releases and are tailored for daily use. Kuso Pop products and its bestselling vinyl toys are sold in selected stores including online at Karmaloop.com. 

Animated Japanese Street Style

Japan is a country full of surprises, quirky traditions and awesome animation. And the Kuso Pop crew are BIG FANS of Japanese culture. They created Kuso Pop as a way to pay homage to 80s Japanese animes that we loved as kids. From their key chains right down to their sneakers and clothing, Kuso Pop aims to bring a bit of nostalgic style to contemporary lifestyle wear.

All Kuso Pop items are created in limited numbers. Also, the brand prides itself for its quality vinyl toys with designs by its contributing artists, Nakari and Rotobox. Every character features highly imaginative concepts that represent a piece in each one of us. Pop may be known for its artsy products but the brand is just as crazy over innovations too. In fact, the Kuso Pop crew is always looking for new artists to collaborate with.

Kuso Pop at Karmaloop.com

From your wardrobe right into cool places in the home, add a pop of color to your style with Kuso Pop garbs, accessories or collect their bestselling vinyl toys. Kuso Pop products are now available online at Karmaloop.com. If you key in our coupon code, you get great discount off your purchases too!

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