KR3W Clothing Edgy Streetwear for Men and Women

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KR3W Brand History

KR3W clothing was founded in 2002 in California by Angel Cabada. Cabada, whose expertise lie in skateboarding clothes and accessories, was a former partner in another well-known apparel company, TSA clothing. KR3W clothing was launched right after TSA clothing closed shop. The KR3W clothing brand was so hot, Cabada quickly expanded to footwear. The shoe line, Supra footwear is able to hold its own against other brands that it is slowly making a mark in its niche. Both Supra and KR3W clothing are distributed by One Distribution.


While KR3W clothing is known for its awesome shirts, the brand owes its success to its line of skinny jeans. The KR3W skinny jeans are like super-slim pantyhose that hugs all the right places. KR3W’s jeans collection is also one of their best-selling products and come in varying styles and fit. All tees come with the signature “K” logo on the left sleeves. Apart from shirts, jeans and skinnies, KR3W clothing also carries vintage shirts, knits and jackets. KR3W clothing also came up with the limited edition “Flip” shirts, a line of tee that features images of Antwuan Dixon and Lizard King’s faces in actual side on the inside of the shirt.


Considered as one of the best apparel brand for pro skaters, KR3W clothing owes its success not only because of its fresh designs but also for its exceptional construction that allow its extensive collection of clothing and jeans to withstand extreme wear and tear. From its knits down to its hats, KR3W clothing earned the reputation as one with the most inventive designs.

KR3W clothing is a sponsor of some of the best riders in the industry including Jim Greco, Terry Kennedy, Tom Penny, Dan Murphy, Evan Hernandez, Antwuan Dixon, etc.

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