Iron & Resin: Streetwear for Builders and Explorers

by Karmaloop Rep Code

Streetwear brand Iron & Resin is rooted in surfing, motorcycles, and the garage culture of the ‘60s and ‘70s. It takes pride in making clothes for real men who enjoy creating, building, and exploring.

In a mass produced, disposable world, Iron & Resin is a product of ‘one-off’ culture – where men use their own hands to build the craft they ride, be it water or land. Iron & Resin products are carefully handcrafted and printed one at a time in California.

Iron & Resin Garage

The Iron & Resin Garage is located in a century-old building at the heart of historic downtown Ventura. The Garage is a gentleman’s emporium of sorts, not catering to the dandy or gallant but to the man who’s not afraid to roll up his sleeves, get his hands on dirt, and ride into the hills to seek refuge in nature. The Iron & Resin style is reminiscent of legends such as Steve McQueen, Tom Waits, Keith Richards, and Willie Nelson.

The Garage offers new product mixes every week. From clothing to surfboards, to vintage motorcycles, helmets and riding gear, the Garage is a traditional general store that outfits the modern man. Along with its in-house apparel and gear brand, Iron & Resin offers one-of-a-kind vintage furniture pieces, vintage boots and jackets, accessories and gifts.

Iron & Resin brand

The Iron & Resin collection showcases the brand’s blue-collar roots with elements of SoCal motorcycle, surf, and music culture – creating an authentic, vintage look with the best in modern fits and fabrication.

The F/W 2012 collection features a rugged aesthetic that pays homage to classic biker themes. Leather gloves, bracelets, and card cases are offered alongside a series of handkerchiefs.

For summer 2013, Iron & Resin showcases all new knits, wovens, graphic tees, boardshorts, and accessories for good times during the extended daylight of summer days.

Iron & Resin at

100% forged in California, Iron & Resin is designed for bikers, surfers, and all men who love building and exploring. Get the best deals in Iron & Resin tees and caps at For more info check out today!

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