Independent Truck Clothing

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Brand History

Independent Truck Clothing is a Sta. Monica, California-based streetwear brand co-founded by NHS Distributions and Fausto Vitello in 1978. The brand specializes in quality skateboard trucks, apparel, and skateboard gears. According to Rick Blackhart, Independent Truck Clothing’s co-designer, the brand was created as a response to the lack of excellent skateboard trucks on the market at that time.

Independent Truck Clothing is perhaps known for its lighter, stronger and better skateboard trucks. Their skateboard trucks are 10% lighter than average and are made with superheated aluminum with grade 8 kingpins. But it was the brand’s venture into fashion and accessories that truly cemented the brand’s place as the number 1 choice of professional skateboarders since 1978.

Contemporary Skateboard-Optimized Apparel

Being neck deep in skateboard culture means knowing all the nooks and crannies that makes California’s skateboard scene go round. Since 1978, Independent Truck Clothing has been specializing in premium quality skateboard optimized products, including clothing and accessories. From everyday graphic tees to awesome 5-panel snapbacks, Independent Truck Clothing is renowned for their style, functionality and affordability. In celebration of the brand’s anniversary, Independent Truck Clothing also released a book to honor their 25th anniversary. The book is aptly titled, Built to Grind: 25 Years of Hardcore Skateboarding, which was released in 2003.

Independent Truck Clothing 2013 Spring/Summer Collection

Independent Truck Clothing celebrates spring with an exciting collection of menswear ranging from graphic teems with the brand’s emblem, classic snapbacks, and walking shorts, all in subdued shades of navy blue, black maroon, white and brown.

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