Holliday Wallets 100 Percent Leather Wallets For Men and Women

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WalletsEarly Beginnings

Founded by Jackie Munoz and Chris Earhart, Holliday wallets offer a unique take on men and women’s wallet. The Holliday wallets founders were so enamored by the Japanese trend of having wallets that were long enough to stick out from back pockets, with a chain or rope attached from the pants belt loop to the wallet, that they started their own wallet collection by working with Chris Earhart’s friend, host of the Buyer Wire on Karmaloop. From there, Chris Earhart started producing these wallets with his partner Jackie Munoz and the Holliday wallets and accessories brand was born.

Holliday wallets are manufactured by Jackie Munoz’s father, a mechanic who learned the art of making this type of wallets while being incarcerated in Texas.


Holliday wallets are made with a type of leather that features distinct staining and unique stitching. Wearers can request the wallet metal buttons to be removed allowing for easy customization. All Holliday wallets features unique color ways combination and are done in a standard style that is the Holliday signature wallet style. These long wallets are fitted with chains or ropes, which can be easily removed, so wearers can just attach it wherever they want or add whatever they want.

Holliday wallets offer roomy, multiple compartments for cash, coins and calling/credit cards and goes great as a functional yet stylish accessory. Carrying your money has never been this stylish!


Even Holliday wallets’ packaging offers something different. The wallets are packed in a simple brown box stamped with the brand’s logo. The brand is inspired by Western influences, paying homage to the cowboys of the Wild West. These one-of-a-king long wallets are made with high quality materials, crafted together with a real artisan that they will practically last a whole lifetime!

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