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As the name suggests, Hall of Fame is not your typical baseball cap store. Just as all sneakers are not created equal, there is also a stratum of worthiness in fitted hats. Hall of Fame, a specialized boutique on Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles, houses only the crème de la crème of stiff-brimmed lids in a museum-quality environment.

The brainchild of Kendo owners Vladimir Borges and Arsen Salatinjants and Situationormal creator Greg Johnsen, Hall of Fame fills a crucial void in the boutique market. Up until now, the fitted cap is the only piece of the holy trifecta of streetwear – kicks, tee, lid – without a genuine shrine for true believers. Borges, Salatinjants, and Johnsen wanted to create a place where guys can not only cop fitted caps but show all the reverence befitting a genuine Hall of Fame.

Launched in 2007, Hall of Fame combines American pro-sports apparel with streetwear themes and sense of humor. The brand has established itself as a major player in streetwear over the last couple of years with some excellent collaboration works with well-respected labels such as Diamond Supply Co, Frank’s Chop Shop, and 10 Deep. Hall of Fame has also been getting celebrity endorsements from big hip hop names like Ghostface Killah.

Hall of Fame clothing

Hall of Fame collections

Aside from snapbacks and 5-panel lids, Hall of Fame also makes graphic tees, tank tops, and cut and sew pieces. Its Summer 2012 release introduces some new styles such as the Panther, Agent, Horseman, Rub It and OG in bold all-over prints and neon colorways. The collection includes an array of graphic tees and tanks, two different mesh snapbacks, a fitted hat in conjunction with New Era, and a cut and sew raglan stamped with the signature ‘Rub It Easy’ graphic.

The second drop of Hall of Fame’s Spring Summer 12 collection features a range of ‘Crack’ snapbacks, in red, gray or teal, with the phrase ‘Fame is Crack’ embroidered onto the front. The ‘Hustle’ snapbacks have the word embroidered in caps, using the same font as the famous Hustler magazine cover – available in white, black, or black with leopard print.

Hall of Fame has released several cheeky designs this year, and the ‘Talked to Death’ tee is sure to be another conversation piece. The front print features a classic illustration of a well-dressed man being carried away on a stretcher with the question ‘What’s your Max?’ written on top – typical of the brand’s off beat sense of humor.

As part of its Summer 12 collection, Hall of Fame is releasing an OG series in collaboration with Black Scale, SSUR and DTA. The concept for this collaboration comes from each of the brands respective roots – the true essence of originality; places that have deep histories in the worlds of sports, art, and music. The range of tees and headwear options are emblazoned with a minimalistic yet to the point “OG” motif. Each respective brand’s identity is also present by way of Venice Beach (DTA), Brooklyn (SSUR), Tenderloin (Black Scale), and Hall of Fame.

Upside Downs

Hall of Fame teamed up with nostalgic sports brand Mitchell & Ness to release a collection of retro-styled NBA fitted caps. Sporting an upside-down logo from the ’90s, the current series includes two-tone lids representing team visuals of the Los Angeles Lakers, Chicago Bulls, New York Knicks, San Antonio Spurs, Dallas Mavericks, Miami Heat, Golden State Warriors, Washington Bullets, Philadelphia 76ers, and Charlotte Hornets.

Hall of Fame at Karmaloop.com

As the world’s largest online retailer of streetwear, Karmaloop also belongs in the upper echelon of urban fashion, so it’s only fitting for its store to carry the Hall of Fame brand. Karmaloop is currently showcasing the iconic Fame Block tee in red, white, and black fitted with a heavily embroidered logo. For discounts offers just visit www.karma-rep-codes.com.

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