Grenco Science

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Brand History

Grenco Science™ is an LA based personal and portable vaporizer brand established in 2012. Designed to help smokers kick the bad habit for good, Grenco Science™ is guaranteed user-friendly, innovative and of course, effective! Grenco Science™ is the first company to market a special tank system that is designed specifically for personal aromatherapy regiments. The brand’s mission is to bring the most advanced products to the masses, products that enrich our lives and encourage a more holistic lifestyle. Enjoy an amazing vaping experience with Grenco Science™. Shop for Grenco Science™ vape system and accessories at 

Amazing Vaping Experience, Guaranteed!

So what’s vaping and how can it help you kick the bad habit? Vaping is similar to smoking, you get your dose of nicotine, satisfy your craving for smoking without all the bad stuff. The process of vaping releases essential, active elements of a substance without actually burning said substance. With Grenco Science™ G Pen, these elements are released with just enough heat and air to discharge the particles safely. Grenco Science™ offers all essential tools for safe, pleasurable vaping sich as their signature coils to their dual charger.

Grenco Science™ at

Smoking is bad for the health and the budget! With Grenco Science™ vaping products, you can quit smoking with confidence. Check out the latest from Grenco Science™ at where selected items are offered at discounted prices. You can also boost your savings by keying in our Karmaloop rep and coupon code and getting instant discount off your purchases!

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